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I'm not Twitterified - can this count as my entry please? Definite yes to dunking.
I've been saving up for a Kenwood for a year and so far have sixty quid, at my current rate it will take me another four years, it would be pretty amazing to have one now though.
Beautiful book - I just ordered it at the library but at the same time found something on vines by Margaret GB, any relation?


To Dunk!

Susan Peart

Dunk - Good luck with book, think I need to buy it!!!

Christiana Ning

To dunk or not to dunk that is the question!

I made your coconut biscuits with the jam centres created with thumbs. My friend Melanie said they were coconut glory, I gave some to her for a Easter gift for inviting me to her choir concert.
I did NOT DUNK these biscuits, as they were too beautiful. They were just fab with my Earl grey tea, so many thanks for your recipe!!!





Gemma Levett

To dunk or not to dunk depends on the biscuit in question ..... A hardy digestive absolutely however a tasty but unreliable rich tea you maybe headed for disaster! On the whole though life's too short not to dunk!

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