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Miranda, what size is a 'brownie tin' or doesn't it really matter? I have the 'brownie pan' from the Lakeland collection (34 x 20 x 3 cm), would that be okay, or should I use another of my many tins?

Tori xx

Dear Tori, Your brownie tin should be perfect - I have just measured mine and it is very little different in size.
Hope it is delicious, Happy brownie baking!
love Miranda xx


What lovely photos at the end there- they passed the spoon test?!

Tracey Todhunter

Baking this with my 17 year old tomorrow, lovely memories of her licking the spoon as a toddler too Bernice. What lovely photos Miranda.


Ha ha, someone's certainly enjoying them. I too am on a continuous quest to find the perfect brownie, I've made some pretty good ones so far and some not quite so good. So many more to make and now here's another one!


Thankyou so much, Miranda!
I'm going to try this and I'll let you know whether it wins me a boyfriend!! :D

Ellie xx


This recipe sounds yummy. Love the little helper at the end - my daughter looks similar age and she can't wait for me to finish mixing the ingredients and she wants to be at the spoon for 'a lick'! They are great fun x

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